When was the last time….

I went through a single day without wondering if what I was wearing made me look fat?

I looked in a full length mirror without finding something (or several things) to pick apart about my body?

I ate something without mentally calculating the calories?

I ate something and STOPPED when I was satisfied, not when it was all gone?

That I even knew what “satisfied” felt like?

That I wasn’t self conscious when I walked in a room?

I wasn’t sitting around thinking about how to lose the “last 10 pounds”?

I got on line and DIDN’T end up searching for the “best” workout, eating plan, hocus pocus to finally make it click again?

I wasn’t kicking myself for gaining the weight back?

I wasn’t thinking about how I look every.single.day?

Changes are coming. That shit you just read, well, that’s the reason why. Stay tuned.


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